Monday 26 October 2009

Huff Bagelry

Bagels, also known as the king of breads (okay i made that up) - but is there really anything better for brunch on a weekend? Able to choose from a range of around 13 different fillings & 8 different bagels - the combinations are countless (or 104). We decided to try two lunch type bagels + a home made vegetarian sausage roll for good measure.

Biting through the pastry of the sauage roll revealed a chickpea + vegetable fliling, similar to a pastie - the tomato sauce added much needed seasoning. The first bagel we sampled was a onion & poppy seed bagel and it came with a tuna patty, nicely textured beetroot dip & rocket. The flavours were fresh and textures of the fillings worked together nicely with the bagel. The other was a more standard, chicken schitzel, avocado and rocket on a seasame bagel - not as exciting but still satisfying.

The bagels at huff are a good alternative to the big 2, the fillings are not designed to pack a flavour punch and I think deliberately underseasoned. It's forgivable as the ingredients are of high quality & fresh - definitely worth a revisit to try the other 100+ different bagel combinations.

3.5 / 5 yums!
Where? 112 Koornang Road, Carnegie 3163
What? Bagels 90c-$1, Filled Bagels $7-$10

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