Monday, 19 October 2009

Maha Bar & Grill - Bar

George Calombaris recent comments in the Herald Sun whinging & crying about how he hates food bloggers make me so mad! But the food that his restaurants deliver is delicoius. If you're in for a economical feed and not in the mood for greasy asian make your way to the Maha Bar.

The hard casing from the Kibbeh encases a moist filling of nicely spiced Lamb mince & Raisins - a perfect example of a staple middle eastern snack. The 12 hour cooked lamb is meltingly soft - laced with loads of garlic, a sprinkle of pistacio and olives. The pita bread it is served with comes at room temperature - but that's excusable. Pastizzi packed with ricotta or cheese are simple but they hit the spot.

We walked out satisfied, costing just over $15 a head for food and our burps not smelling like dumplings.

4 / 5 yums!
Where? 21 Bond Street, Melbourne 3000 (off Flinders Lane)
What? Snacks $10, Mains $25

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