Friday, 2 October 2009

Malaysian Oriental Wok

New York once had a Soup Nazi. Pick the soup you want. Have your money ready. Move to the extreme left after ordering.

There are similarities with the Hainanese chicken dragon lady of the Malaysian Oriental Wok in one of Melbourne’s little laneways. Apparently she has mellowed out and gone are the days of throwing tea towels at patrons for asking for extra chilli sauce. The diminutive old lady still looks commanding and I’m glad the counter is between us as I push her buttons by using shrapnel to pay. Lucky I wore my adult Huggies just in case I got really scared.

The chicken rice is actually really good, a deep stock coats the individual grains making it intensely tasty. The chicken itself is a bit of a let down however, it could be just a mental thing but it’s not the best to know it’s sitting there cold from the morning cooking.

Be careful not to release the rage that’s bubbling under that old exterior. If the greasy to end all greasies I got when I used coins to pay, I wouldn’t want to be on the end of what could happen if you mentioned the N word.

2.5 / 5 yums!
Where? 15 Melbourne Pl, Melbourne, VIC
What? Under $10

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