Friday, 30 October 2009

Burger Monster

RAAARRAARARRARARRR!!!!! WARARRRARRRRAHHHH!!!!! That’s growl of the burger monster wailing out to tell you it’s lunchtime in the city.

In one of the holes in the wall of the Equitable Place laneway that runs perpendicular to Collins and the Little Collins and between Queen and Elizabeth, there lies a monster of a burger. Now if you’re having trouble finding it, just head along Little Collins and there’ll be a dedicated lady in an oversized burger costume pointing the way.

Get past the gimmick, the burgers are quality. You can go the small cheeseburger but hungry people will have the double. That’s two very juicy patties that have been grilled with a nice char, melted cheese clings to the meat, shredded lettuce, a slice of fresh tomato, lightly BBQed onions and a squeeze of a special monster sauce. The real potato chips are like eating batons of a tenderly roasted spud. Think commercial frozen thick cut chips… then the opposite.

Nom nom nom nom nom, if your stomach is craving burger, give it a monster one.

3.5 / 5 yums!
Where? 353 Little Collins Street, Melbourne 3000 (Update: Has since moved to Docklands)
What? Around $10

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