Wednesday 21 October 2009

Brother Baba Budan

Strange. No shortage of chairs, yet you cannot find a seat.

Those behind the great St Ali have brought their dark art into the city much to the delight of caffeine fiends out there, who no longer have to make the pilgrimage to the back streets of South Melbourne for a cup of the sacred brew. The place with the tongue twister name is basically St Ali Lite, a pocket sized version with a similar workshop/factory grunge vibe. It might be smaller but expect nothing less than perfection in a cup.

What torments me now is that I won’t be able to have coffee anywhere else. And I’d feel foolish to do so. Like I did when I tried to sit on the ceiling.

4.5 / 5 yums!
Where? 359 Little Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC
What? Coffee $3.30


Ed Charles said...

The cafe is owned by Mark Dundon who founded St Ali and sold St Ali last year. His other new place worth a try is Seven Seeds.

3 hungry tummies said...

This place is a must try if you manage to get in

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