Tuesday, 25 August 2009

College Lawn

I don’t know where the lawn has gone but I definitely don’t see any of the stuff they putt on these premises. And I was so looking forward to sending a little white ball back to its home. What they do have is various spaces, the outdoor courtyard with plenty of covered picnic tables and benches provide a very relaxed, casual atmosphere.

So I’m told this very old man’s pub is a bit of an institution, at which point I understood the weird looks I got from the bartender and customers when I ordered a lite lychee caipiroska and immediately regretted the decision to not get a pot of Melbourne Bitter instead.

As expected, vegan or organic options are missing from the menu but does keep in theme with the venue. Bangers and mash, the thick snags are nicely coloured with caramelised onions and plenty of pan meat juices. Steak sanga uses sesamed burger buns, a tomato relish provides a necessary spark for the gristly fat cut. The chicken parma doesn’t do the plate justice by only filling half of it, the cheese is nicely grilled on top but the napoli tomato sauce is pedestrian. Roast of the day was lamb that comes with some roast veggies, but the meat is tough and slightly cold. If none of that sounded appealing, there are other things on the menu including pizzas, mussel Belgian Beer Café styles, steaks, pasta and risotto.

When the sun comes out, lazy Sunday arvos sipping on a caipiroska could become a lunch fixture. It’s not gastropub but if you choose safe options you should be alright. Leave your golf stick at home too, the only rounds here are the pots of MB.

2 / 5 yums!
Where? 36 Greville Street, Prahran, VIC

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