Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Connex Sizzle

Wen one of ma homies axed if I wanted 2 go 2 da Connex Sizzle, I was like Hell Yeah fo shizzle ma nizzle. I’m gonna get krunked up on some dope food.

Homie-isms aside, it’s no ordinary $1 for a sausage like in the olden days of primary school. The annual Connex Sizzle BBQ, part of the Melbourne Food and Wine festival treats us lucky Melbournites to some quality dishes designed by 8 of Melbourne’s finest chefs straight off the hot plate.

Appealing to the protein fiend in me, Ezard’s pork slab is lightly marinaded and grilled off that could have done with a bit more colour, with a sweet plum sauce you might get with roast duck at the local Chinese BBQ. Pleasant enough, if only the cut of meat was better. Next up, the gourmet dog featuring a lamb snag flavoured with garlic and rosemary from Adrian Richardson’s La Luna. Things do taste better with Vegeta but presumably left out of this recipe. The red pepper and smoked paprika relish on top has a case to replace tomato sauce as a standard condiment.

We go Moroccan with a Robert Castellani’s chermoula crusted salmon, the herby mixture soft without overkilling the flesh, keeping it Middle Eastern the lamb kebab with a nutty tahini honey mayo. Doesn’t have the impact of the snag, but something you’d happily eat daily. Mr Wilson brings his mini burgers, one I wished was full sized. Using wagyu helps. Dallas Cuddy takes a Japanese approach, the miso marinaded prawns nice, the ponzu drizzled noodles provide a fresh acidic contrast.

I certainly got krunked up on the pretty good food, given the conditions and equipment they had to work with. I can’t wait to see what next year’s Sizzle will bring. Fo Shiz.

4 / 5 yums!
Where? Behind Fed Square

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