Monday, 3 August 2009

Press Club Bar

Fine diners have taken to the casual eating places like metro sexual males have embraced the zooshing of t-shirts when Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was big in the early 21st century. First it was Guy Grossi and Cellar Bar. Then it was Shannon Bennett and Café Vue. Justin North, Plan B. Pearl Cafe.

It’s pretty much Press Club Lite, without the bling bling and more fancy pants dishes next door. A quiet, skinny, moodily lit wine bar that’s very, very good, perfect for an easy relaxed night out. Plenty to nibble on, smaller dishes include lamb lady fingers of a soft, flaky pastry with fresh yoghurt, the absolutely wonderful half shell scallops, grilled with topped with skordalia, a lavish creamy potato and garlic dip. Feast on meatballs with melted feta, more of the cheese the Greeks bathe in the spanakopita, a pastry brick filled with feta, spinach and onion or the rotisserie of the day, perfectly roasted chunks of lamb that comes with lemon roasted potatoes. If the savouries haven’t sent you Carson crazy, desserts of baklava and Greek honey dumplings should.

Sandra from Masterchef isn’t the only one who’s got a secret infatuation with the culinary maestro. My heart skips a beat too when you mention Press Club.

4 / 5 yums!
Where? 72 Flinders St, Melbourne
What? Small dishes $10, Large $15 - 25

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