Friday, 21 August 2009

Woolwich Pier Hotel

You wouldn’t know that the Woolwich Pier Hotel was originally built in 1885. Obviously had a rather drastic facelift since then that would put Extreme Makeovers to shame. As the website states, there’s a lengthy bar with plenty of seats in the bistro, a timber decked outdoor covered courtyard with a couple of cosy bungalow areas out the back making this place a pretty cool place for a chilled out function. Being elevated and right near the water you’ll get stunning views of Sydney harbour and city.

The menu certainly ain’t stuck in the olden days, but sticks to proven combinations. There’s salads including one with grilled lamb, rocket, fig, kumera and basil dressing, pastas, fish and chips or pan fried swordfish, bangers and mash, nachos and burgers. A grain fed sirloin comes with a tangy café de paris butter and fries, surprisingly a decent cut and cooked to perfection.

There’s plenty to like about the Woolwich Pier and a good example of what a makeover can do for a place.

3 / 5 yums!
Where? 2 Gale St, Woolwich, NSW
What? Mains $20

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