Friday, 14 September 2007

Andrew’s Burgers

Get Toyota to Albert Park. Already a highly efficient and respected organisation, they could learn a thing or two at the burger factory that is Andrew’s Burgers.

A place that would absolutely rake it in, they retain a modest shopfront. It looks and feels like a takeaway shop from the 60s and it’s great to see that the fame hasn’t translated to upgrades involving gold chains for staff and blinged up features.

Because the stock turnover is faster than Speedy Gonzalez on crack, you’ll get only the freshest ingredients in your burger. Straight from the ground iceberg lettuce and cabbage, slices of red ripe tomatoes, a rasher of ultra crispy bacon with all of its heart stopping goodness, oozing cheese and sauce tomate on the finest beef patty going round all in between toasted buns that’ll put Brad Pitt’s to shame.

Toyota manufacture decent cars, Andrew’s make great burgers. Hell if people cross the West Gate for the gloriously tasty “The Lot”, then what’s a little eight hour flight for a couple of Japanese engineers who probably need of some vitamin D and fresh air from the Nagoya headquarters for a fact finding mission and a feed?

3.5 / 5 yums!


Where? 144 Bridport Street, Albert Park, VIC

What? The Lot - $8


Cindy said...

We just tried this place the other weekend - the veggie burger's good stuff!

stickyfingers said...

I've been eating these badboys for years,I even reviewed them once as part of Epicure's best burgers. They are every bit as good today as when I first indulged. The wait can be a bit daunting (up to 40mins), but being a local I can run errands while I wait. I was amazed to find that facebook also has an Andrew's burger fan group with a big following.

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