Friday, 14 September 2007

Sahar Take Away

Generally, how can one determine if the club is going to be at least alright? Say you haven’t seen any promos or spoken to anyone. If you had x-ray vision, check out the crowd inside and if you don’t have this supernatural ability, assess the line outside.

The dilemma. It was after the peak hour lunch period and searching for a feed in Dandenong. Not wanting to go back to any of the places recently visited, we skipped from place to place along an ethnically vibrant eating strip that is Thomas Street. Sizing up Sahar, a matchbox takeaway shop, busy enough such that people had share tables to dine in. Must be alright.

A simple menu of 10 choices, it’s a charcoal meat affair but also offers maantu (Afghan dumplings) and other traditional dishes. The chicken kebab, generous and tender pieces of thigh rolled in a delectable combination spices, hit the hunger spot better than a CT head shotting a T with a Colt. Those same spices are massaged into a whole chicken and cooked over white stones, eaten with a quick grilled Turkish kind of chewy white bread. This should be the next cult takeaway shop in town.

The nightclub theory hasn’t proved me wrong yet. If you can’t sit in this place, least there’s pass outs.

3 / 5 yums!


Where? 256 Thomas Street, Dandenong, VIC

What? Average Price $10

Left to Right : Chicken Kebab, Whole Chicken

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