Monday, 3 September 2007

Café Cinque

Man gets hit by football (in the groin), tears swell in the eyes as nostalgia gets the better of me. Heading back to an old stomping ground at Monash University, the crown jewel of on campus dining that is Café Cinque on the STRIP does that to you. A “yuppy” café in the modern IT centrepiece, a clever idea employing Bentwoods and outdoor tables covered by white linen and butchers paper to give it that Tsubi yet Just Jeans casual feel. High ceilings and windows for natural sunlight give rise to light and airy surrounds that could have been a five star city hotel lobby but if nature is your true calling, alfresco is an option.

Fittingly at a higher educational institution, what should have been an intoxicating joyous experience also turned out to an unexpected sobering lesson: it’s the little things that matter. Britney Spears it’s become, standards have slipped from the highs of “Baby One More Time” routine visits. Wait staff could be sharpened up with sleek black flat front pants, low heeled leather loafers and collared shirts instead of footwear and polos more suitable for treadmill strolls. Perhaps born out of bad design but walking through the dining area with the recycling is not cool. Serving tap water in a plastic cup is appropriate at rowdy college parties and BBQs at Jells Park. Recognising that a knife is redundant when eating pasta. The chilli, Pammy Anderson silicon protruding, could have been used sparingly to allow the saffron and marjoram to come through in the linguini and mussel dish. Perhaps extra touches such as thyme, bay leaves, sugar, wine, could have assisted the freshly diced roma tomatoes in an uninspiring Napoli which accompanied the gnocchi. There are redeeming qualities, the coffee is still alright and remains a good place to escape the books and hustle and bustle of the Campus Centre and Den.

If you think there are too many accountants, techies and lawyers graduating, perhaps you’d hope Café Cinque attends to these little matters to provide the unhealthy on campus distraction to slow the flood.

1.5 / 5 yums!


Where? Building 75, Monash University, Wellington Road, Clayton, VIC

What? Average Main $15

Left to Right : Flat White, Saffron Linguini Con Cozze and Carciofi, Potato Gnocchi

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