Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Let’s Bab

Curiosity for the other Korean joint in the Warrigal Road waters takes hold. Dangerous liaisons it is, as Kim Chi Friends is perilously close. I thought I could stay true. I’ve never been unfaithful but know how it feels to fall victim. Yes. Kim Chi Friends is probably feeling very hurt right now. “Take the knives out of my back,” it screams, “for I’m not The Ex knife holder (http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/gear/86dd/).” Yes, an emotionally painful experience.

Those guilty thoughts are pushed aside as the thinly sliced pieces of Bul Go Gi arrive on a sizzling hot plate. The distinct aroma of the soy and onion marinade floods the nose, unfortunately the quality of the meat is average and textured of slightly overcooked. Better is Chilli Karage of chicken pieces battered and deep fried, smothered in a sweet chilli sauce that’s cooked till caramelised and hardened to a toffee. Whilst generous in proportion, the candy-esque sugary crunch didn’t provide much pleasure. Mix the hot Stonepot Bi Bim Bab with the fear of being caught had all the usual of carrot, cucumber, onion, radish, bean shoots, shredded beef with typical sesame oil for flavour and chilli sauce to taste. Something that has more backbone than a person who isn’t willing to tell the truth and a hell of a lot more likeable, the gutsy appetiser of Cheese Tok Bokki, draft stopper tubes of springy textured rice cake, sautéed in a lively subtly sweet chilli sauce topped with melted tasty and sesame.

The phone rings, I could get busted… Leaving as quickly and inconspicuously as possible, was the secret rendezvous worth it? Not bad, maybe I can have both at the same time…

2.5 / 5 yums!


Where? 623 Warrigal Hwy, Chadstone, VIC

What? Average Entrees – $6, Average Main - $9

Left to Right : Cheese Tok Bokki, Beef Bul Go Gi, Chilli Karage, Hot Pot Bi Bim Bab

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