Saturday, 1 September 2007


The Strokes packaged into a shop that could easily hold it’s own in Fitzroy with an industrial charm confined within four corners. A slightly art-grudge edge and retro red tones greet you once you pass through the beaded doorway, it absorbs a summery mood, shady cool as the environment is spared from further damage with minimal unnatural lighting used.

In true Brunswick Street fashion, little things surprise and amuse. Presented on floral plates which a prudent Asian mother would keep in the back of the crockery cupboard, perfectly poached eggs Florentine, the runny yolk released running side by side a subtly lemon tangy hollandaise to drench the Turkish bread its perched upon. A no fuss toasted baguette of tomato chutney with grilled cheese is a winner in the battle of the late afternoon munchies. With plenty of standard café options, a beautiful Butterfly emerges to brighten the dreary station surrounds.


Where? 25 Cookson St, Camberwell, VIC

What? Average Dish $10

Left to Right : Eggs Florentine, Tomato Chutney Baguette

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