Saturday, 1 September 2007

Magic City

Cock back that coiled spring, release the plunger and shoot me into Magic City, a fine example of how a relaxed café bar should be in Camberwell’s heart. Designer shades, cushy ottomans, basketball pine with a few antiques give this playfield a homely modern feel.

Skilled shots of espresso present in the flat white, shaved chocolate garnishing the iced chocolate a nice touch that already earns this place replay potential. Masterful with the flippers, the cakes are a visual treat, with the apple and pecan tart and bonus rhubarb jam a delectable combination of fruity puree and nutty crunch. With bumpers, rollovers and slingshots on the menu, looking forward to nudging up the ramp next time to the fancied dining area for an Asian influenced match.


Where? 871-873 Burke Rd, Camberwell, VIC

Left to Right : Iced Chocolate, Flat White, Apple and Pecan Tart

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