Thursday, 13 September 2007


Homer Simpson to the “No Homers Club”. As the third wheel with your friends who’ve coupled up, sitting across the table as they look at each other lovingly in the eyes. That feeling that you don’t belong. Chapel has always felt like foreign ground. The South Yarra side, not my cup of tea.

Luckily refuge is only a tram ride away. Escape the glitz and glamour for a place with more character than Novac Djovokic in Windsor. Tusk doesn’t stick out like a long projected tooth as its name would suggest or try to impersonate anyplace else. With decent coffee, a good selection of desserts, cakes and muffins and a outdoor area right in the thick of the action on the streets providing a summery bohemian feel, one pauses for a moment to think of something suitable to describe it. It’s pretty good.


Where? 133 Chapel St, Windsor, VIC

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