Thursday, 6 September 2007

Replete Providore

You're entering the vicinity of an area adjacent to a location, the kind of place where there might be food abundantly supplied or some kind of weird purveyor. These are just examples. It could also be something much worse. Prepare to enter... The Red Door.

Can’t really call this a diamond in the rough, given that Hawthorn is one of Melbourne’s most leafy and prosperous suburbs but it certainly is a gem. A little corner shop (remaining true to its roots, can still pick up small items and frozen takeaway meals for the time poor) on the quieter Barkers Road, it’s apparently more popular than a trip to the toilets at halftime of a footy match and seating is limited during peak times. It’s got much better food than the Telstra Dome kiosks serving a wide variety of sandwiches, pides and slow food. A popular choice, the hot sandwich of a rustic homemade beef patty strewn with basil, rasher of bacon wedged between thickly toasted white bread with a mound of hand cut chips and a gourmet salad dressed with balsamic vinaigrette. On the changing portion of the menu, an interesting tagine of tenderly stewed melt-in-the-mouth chunks of lamb, zucchini and carrot in a braising liquid of garlic, cumin and other yummy spices. With a mountain of sweets and cakes to conquer that tease from behind the glass and jars, a return trip is an order.

You are exiting the realm which is casual. Maybe it's cold and windy or contains some kind of warm atmosphere. The second one. Prepare to exit... The Red Door.

3 / 5 yums!


Where? 302 Barkers Rd, Hawthorn, VIC

What? Average Main – $16

Left to Right : Hot Sandwich, Lamb Tagine

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