Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Glebe Point Diner (2009)

Imagine the reaction when Fitness First decides to increase fees. Perplexing, considering when services do not change. Neither does the equipment. Hell even the existing equipment isn’t even maintained or repaired properly. You’d expect a bit more bang for your buck when the prices rise.

Exactly what happened at GPD. I felt my heart break when the once great value proposition decided to charge $35 for their mains as if on the shores of Circular Quay. The aesthetics haven’t changed and neither has the service, professional and impeccable as usual. Too bad the food hasn’t risen to the next level worthy of the next price bracket. It’s still good, but just not the kind of stuff that will blow your pants off.

Tuna tartare seasoned with fennel and parsley is eaten on deep fried blistered water crackers. Indulgence in the strong duck liver pate with pear jam. A zucchini flower rests on a roasted chicken Maryland as if to justify the price tag, a sweet corn puree provides sweetness. Roasted swine, the meat tender, juicy, natural in flavour is lightly seasoned, lentils and cabbage unnecessary distractions to the black figs that should have been the only accompaniment.

Desserts this time round far superior than the last, fresh raspberries pressed into the silky custard textured crème patissiere, the pick is the floating islands of milk poached meringues wad in a shallow pool of a tart passion fruit custard topped with nutty pistachio and toffee shards. Too little too late however, the damage has been done and I’m picking up the broken pieces.

Like FF, GPD will always have a decent membership base. Also like FF, money spent at GPD could be better spent elsewhere.

2.5 / 5 yums!
Where? 407 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, NSW
What? Entrees $18, Mains $35, Desserts $14

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