Friday, 10 July 2009


Slick when it doesn’t need to be, because having something other than Thai already makes Kammadhenu a winner on King St. But the fresh coat of purple, green neons and the pine veneer furniture in line with the ever-increasing modernisation of Newtown. This matters little if they can’t deliver great Sri Lanka / Indian food, but they duly do a great Karl Malone impersonation.

Claiming to have the Sydney’s best, a rice and black lentil thinly curled crepe dosa comes with a couple of chutneys and a wet curry for dipping. Edible pancake bowl hoppers and fried flatbread roti chanai provide perfect savoury backdrops for the delicious creamy smooth eggplant curry, fragrant spinach curry of lamb saagwalla and a beautiful butter chicken that’s not overly sweet, yet bloody flavoursome and a mild level of heat.

Having never required long appointments with the porcelin god after a meal, with a great range of beers both from here and abroad, Thums Up for those missing the motherland and lassi, you’d be hopping mad not to check out Kammadhenu.

3.5 / 5 yums!
Where? 171 King St, Newtown, VIC
What? Dishes under $10

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