Thursday 30 July 2009

PJ O’Brien’s

Being at an Irish pub, I set out to order the most Irish thing on the menu. Guinness Pie. Imagine the death stares usually reserved for guys who drink milk out of the carton from the Irish on our team lunch. Of course I was pushing their buttons but they loved it. Imagine the Guinness they wanted to drown me in when I remarked that the pub had an old man English feel. Probably crossed the line.

Though drowning in Guinness would have been a better option than eating that Guinness Pie. It was more like a Shepard’s Pie, except with a cheap mince lacking flavour covered with a mash and all baked in a mini casserole dish. Not sure about the soup either, the burger with grilled cheese and BBQ sauce looked to be a questionable better option.

As Ron Burgundy noted, milk was a bad choice. So is PJ O’Brien’s for a meal. I should have followed my fellow leprechaun friends and ordered the only truly Irish thing on the menu. The cheese and tomato toasty.

1 / 5 yums!
Where? 57 King Street, Sydney, NSW

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