Thursday, 23 July 2009

Nyonya Hut

There might be difficulties pronouncing the name, but I’ll tell you this. The first “Y” is silent. A hell of a lot simpler is this quaint little Malaysian eatery that specialises in Penang Hawker Food. And hawker styling is exactly what you’ll get, lavender forms the bottom half of the room, country antique mirror frame and matching drawer makes a counter, grey vinyl stacker chairs the ones usually reserved for high school teachers of the mid 90s. Not too pretty.

But that’s completely forgotten when you when you stick a piece of popiah, a soft, crepe like spring roll wrapping omelette and veggies with a bit of hoisin into your mouth. The combo leaves you craving more. Nasi Lemak with a rich, beef rendang comes with the usual garnishes, ikan belis, the hard boiled egg, roasted peanuts, cucumber. Char Kuay Teow is always a safe choice, the flat rice noodles nicely charred from the high wok heat tossed with a good hint of chilli, soy sauce, prawns, bean sprouts, spring onion and Chinese snag. No Malaysian hawker store would be complete without a laksa and it’s not bad here. Gelatinous and sticky rice desserts of kueh talam, dadah, pulet tai tai will take ex-pats back to the streets of Penang.

There might be confusion in the name but should be no confusion as to why you’d eat at this place. Nyonya Hut is the number one for Malaysian in Glen Waverley.

3.5 / 5 yums!
Where? 240 Blackburn Road, Glen Waverley, VIC
What? Under $10

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