Monday 27 July 2009


I smell cheddar, or is it camembert? Blue? Whatever it is, there’s a definite cheesiness to the name. But there’s no cheese in sight at this “upmarket” Asian dessert parlour that fuses premium Asian ice creams and toppings with traditional Western flavours and fruity sorbets. Find plenty of tasty combinations of jackfruit, durian, taro, black sesame, coconut, stick rice with grass jelly, evaporated milk, orange compote, banana, mango, strawberries via a food pr0n glossy menu that sexes everything up.

In “Double Happiness”, you get two scoops of green tea and red bean ice creams, topped with a red bean paste then stacked with glutinous balls. It’s actually very sweet stuff but surprisingly the flavours are reasonably true.

Although there is no cheese, they do charge gourmet cheese prices which is unusual for Asian in Haymarket. Novelty and uniqueness comes at a cost, but you’ll get your just desserts.

3 / 5 yums!
Where? Capitol Square, 730-742 George St, Sydney, NSW
What? Sundaes $10 - 14

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