Friday, 20 July 2007

Borsch Vodka Tears

Bohemian grudge is what you’ll find at this Czech/Polish watering hole. It’s aged, worn features and fittings make you feel like you’re in one of those European country side drinking taverns that’s been there for donkey’s years. There’s a distinct yellow tinge to everything, caused by the antique light shades, creating a warped feel that doesn’t help by what you’ll consume.

Boasting over 100 varieties of vodka and a fine selection of beers from Eastern Europe, this is the place to go for an alternative night of drunkenness. Eating is cheating, but the food is inspired by the same region must be tried. It’s a solid nourishing affair, with the beef goulash, a stew of coriander and peppercorn, the Schabowy, chunky pork schnitzel with purple cabbage sauerkraut and the Pierogi, Polish dumplings of spiced beef and paprika. Dessert then takes on a three powerhouse countries, the Gundel crepe, my favourite, velvety thin pancake encasing warm dark chocolate, a Russian crepe of apple, strawberry with a raspberry vodka coulis and a poppyseed strudel.

With a lined stomach, but the potential of a rainbow coloured expulsion, the brutality can begin. A mind-bottling list of cocktails showcases many of the vodkas but even better, have the multitude of differently infused vodkas straight. Fruits, chocolates, gold, there’s plenty to get through, though not recommended in one night. The 80% alcohol content, dubbed “Rocket Fuel”, is appropriately named. It’s a burning sensation from start to end that sends you to the moon and back. Give yourself five minutes and this place start to look funkier. Enjoy!

3 / 5 yums!


Where? 173 Chapel Street, Windsor

What? Average Main, 20, dessert – 10, vodkas $8

Left to Right : Goulash, Pierogi, Schabowy, Soup, Gundel, Russian Crepe, Poppyseed Strudel

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