Saturday, 14 July 2007

Hoa Tran

Neck and neck, they are flying home, Thanh Dat closes in but Hoa Tran wins out by a bee's knob at the line in the Vietnamese Cuisine Stakes at Springvale. The prize for the winner, my custom and hard earned in exchange for some easy on the jaw grilled beef cube tomato rice that’s comforting and tasty. Sliced rare beef pho is standard and doesn’t tread on anyone’s toes, the soup giving off a sweet savoury aroma. Same with the sliced chicken and vegetables on crispy noodles with that typical Chinese ginger, garlic and soy gravy. Crispy skinned moist chicken wasn’t necessary to fulfil but a good dish. Three colour drink, a sweet drink which is more akin to a soupy dessert has plenty of red bean, cendol, mung bean and coconut. Two horse race for Vietnamese food in Springvale. Toss a coin to split them.

2.5 / 5 yums!


Where? 246 A (rear of) Springvale road, Springvale

What? Average Price $10

Left to Right : Beef Cube Tomato Rice, Three Colour Drink, Pho, Chicken and Vegetables Crispy Noodles, Crispy Skinned Chicken

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