Thursday, 12 July 2007


Wikipedia: “A bistro is a familiar name for a type of small restaurant serving moderately priced simple meals in an unpretentious setting, especially in Paris, France. Vialetto ain’t in Paris, but nestled in the very European Hardware Lane and fits this description like Brad Pitt epitomises the metrosexual. Alfresco dining would be great but I'd like keep my hands from frostbite. The candle lit downstairs far more inviting.

They don’t try very hard with the mains, as classic as Godzilla, safe as Ricky Ponting’s hands. The scotch fillet steak rests on spud mash and pepper sauce, nicely done and cooked to order. Hardly deviate from the traditional Caesar salad, topped with poached chicken, crisp bacon bits, croutons and freshly shaved Parmesan cheese. Tenderly roasted skinned duck with orange jus sat on a broccoli, sliced carrot and roast potatoes. A modest sized snapper partnered a herb butter and white wine sauce with seasonable vegetables seemed to leave even a small eater like A unsatisfied. One of the specials, a black angus rib-eye, char grilled to a tender medium rare with the creamy potato mash, creamed spinach and slightly charred mushrooms playing a great supporting role. T was robbed though, he received a poorer cut which had much more fat and gristle than mine. The skippy seared til medium rare was served with a red wine sauce with, you guessed it, seasonable vegetables.

Although not Indiana Jones adventurous with the menu, for a reliable dinner in a relaxed atmosphere, this Vialetto is a worthy option.

L: 3/5 yums!

T: 2/5 yums!


Where? 75 Hardware Lane, Melbourne

What? Average Main $20

Left to Right : Scotch Fillet, Caesar Salad, Twice Cooked Duck, Fish of the Day, Black Angus Rib Eye, Kangaroo Fillet

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