Monday, 16 July 2007

Jade Village

I get a bit sentimental coming to my uncle’s family run Chinese restaurant. It’s a Mitcham institution and been going ever since I was born. Nothing much has changed, the tables are draped with starch white cloths, mirrors mount the walls along side an exhibition in patience. The owners’ completed 8237 piece jigsaw puzzles proudly on display. Attention to detail is also evident in the quality of the food. The sweet flavour of the scallops complemented with a mild XO sauce topping and delicate sweet soy & spring onion flavouring the oyster. Good ratio of batter to meat in the crispy beef strips in the san choi bao with bite, seasoned with fried garlic, red chilli and spring onion. The Peking duck is a magnificent example. Purists know it’s mostly skin only but we’re in the Western world, so carved pieces of the crispy duck epidermis and muscle are wrapped lovingly in a warm moist pancake with a sliver of spring onion, cucumber, pickled vegetables (a slight twist) and obligatory hoisin sauce. Greedy me, I had 4 of these parcels. The deep fried sea perch fillet was nicely cooked and swam in a light sweet sherry and soy based liquid. Rounding off mains came a slice of beef stewed to jelly in a peppery Szechuan style gravy. A place which has stood the test of time, the natural family warmth continues to make this place greener and brighter.


Where? 602a Whitehorse Rd, Mitcham

What? Average Price $15-20

Left to Right : XO Scallops and oysters, soup of the night, san choi bao, peking duck, peking duck, sea perch, Szechuan beef, Red bean dessert, Apple fritter

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