Monday, 16 July 2007


Tim Freedman once wrote “There’s no aphrodisiac like loneliness. Now for something completely different… is it legal for a place to use hypnosis to draw a crowd? That rotating sushi train of a Hayao Miyazaki character cast is paradoxically nauseating (I’m passing out from the hunger pangs) yet blissful (see photos). Careful not to cut yourself when you walk by, Makoto’s fittings are sleek modern sharp. If you’re strong willed enough to pass the patience test and make it to the bench, those little plates of torment are only an arm’s length away. Manners required and check your greediness, revenge is yours when you pull dishes from the conveyer belt. Uncover to reveal the freshly made sushi. It tastes as beautiful as it looks and the choices, lets just say it’ll take you a few visits to try them all. My favourite is the unagi roll, grilled eel deeply flavoured in a sweet soy and mirin (kabayaki) marinade on a ball of perfectly cooked sushi rice. The salmon is always a favourite and tastes like it was just unhooked from the waters of Tasmania. If you get bored with the production line, order some handrolls. Call up the salmon avocado, teriyaki chicken and wagyu beef, and watch in awe as they are precisely made by the expert sushi chefs. Take breather and take a look at the expressions around the room, looks like loneliness isn’t the only cure.

3.5 / 5 yums!


Where? Shop 1, 385-401 Pitt St (cnr Pitt and Liverpool Streets), Sydney

What? Sushi plates $3.50 – 5.20

Left to Right : Fillet o Fish Roll, Salmon, Kingfish, Grilled Beef, Eel, Flying Fish Roe, Grilled Salmon, Salmon Avocado Handroll, Teriyaki Chicken and Wagyu Handroll, ???, Softshelled Crab.

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