Saturday, 14 July 2007

Metropolitan Hotel

Hungry Hungry Hippos will be satisfied at this level 2 pub bistro next to Macca’s on the corner of Bridge and George. Not that they scatter white marbles, fighting against Happy, Henry, Homer and Harry and expect you to pound your tail so your neck thrusts forward to capture it. Serving proper pub sized proportions, meals are excellent value. No disappointment on the taste stakes either. Lamb shanks, whilst a little crisp on the outside, are mostly tender and slides off the bone in a rich, tangy tomato and carrot stew. I doubt you’ll be going back to the office unfulfilled if you had the pasta (changes seasonally). Eyes aren’t as big as your stomach with the supreme pizza, thick crusted, bulging with topping. Certainly aren’t stingy. Can’t go wrong with the steak and thickly sliced chips and the steak sandwich. If you haven’t turned into a hippo after eating that meal, beer garden is located on level 3.

2.5 / 5 yums!


Where? corner of George and Bridge Streets, Sydney

What? Average main - $16

Left to Right : Lamb Shanks, Pasta, Supreme Pizza, Steak & Chips, Steak Sandwich

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