Monday, 23 July 2007

Don Don

Cooked meals at less than the price of an import beer at a swanky CBD bar, where you may or may not get denied entry for your decidedly casual attire whilst you see a swagger of the bouncer’s “mates” (read flirtatious women) in equally informal rags gain free path, all to the blaring tunes of Sinatra? I can hear Darryl Kerrigan yell out “TELL ‘EM HE’S DREAMIN” in that thick drawn out Aussie accent.

My friend, this place Don Don turns that dream into a reality. It’s Ferrari fast Japanese food at this bustling eatery, and whilst not quite up to the quality of the Italian stallion motoring company’s standards, it’s pretty good. Teriyaki chicken is standard with its Toyota reliable soy, mirin and sake blend topping cubed chicken thigh fillet pieces. The mild and peppery curry deserves credit. Whilst it could be better, it’s better than the majority of stuff that gets passed as Japanese curry for far more dosh in this city. Add an extra dollar for extra meat if you’re hungry. Walk away with a full belly and minimal damage to the hip pocket, you’re set to start saving for your own castle. Or just get piss drunk that night.

2.5 / 5 yums!


Where? 330 Lt Lonsdale St, Melbourne & Bank St, South Melbourne

What? Average Main - $7

Left to Right : Teriyaki Don, Curry Don, Dashi Don

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