Sunday, 14 June 2009

Coco Lounge

I consider “Cocos” to be Glen Waverley’s crown jewel. The ultimate chill out, hang out. A home away from home, Coco Lounge is the place you wish was your own. Though a bit like the Legally Blonde, you wished you could keep vacuum sealed from being tarnished by an upgrade (see Legally Blonde 2).

The menu modern Italian, but it wasn’t always this way. There’s an upstairs cockatil bar and balcony, but there was a time when a second story didn’t even exist. It was dark, sexy, sensual with its Java stylings, now more mocha, funky red cable, globe light pendants dangle from the ceiling, vintage European posters spaced throughout.

Despite almost living here, besides the wedges, dips and cheese, I’ll freely admit I’ve only ever properly eaten here once. A cajun chicken wrap with chips served on a wooden cutting board fine, a modern chicken penne in a thin cream sauce doesn’t raise eyebrows. Thankfully it’s all about the coffee, shakes and cakes, the brilliant Cococino (hot chocolate with a shot of coconut syrup) my personal favourite and they do them extremely well.

Perhaps I’m being too nostalgic and living in the past, but I do like the feel of the old Cocos better. Hasn’t stopped it from being the neighbourhood fave though.

3 / 5 yums!
Where? 93 Kingsway Glen Waverley, VIC
What? Coffee and cake under $10

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