Monday, 22 June 2009


It certainly was. A debacle. The tapas anyway. Having arrived just after lunch service, tapas filled the void for those with the mid afternoon munchies. Unfortunate for us as the mains looked appetising and good value.

There’s a comic touch to the signage, but I wasn’t laughing when the chorizo came out with extreme moisture problems. Extremely salty, the harissa flavour overkill and better served with something else. Balance came in the overcooked rubbery octopus as if just boiled in hot water with herbs with no real flavour. Returning to the salt overkill, the fresh rocket does nothing to neutralise the pan fried haloumi cheese that could have been salted again. Lamb skewers the only thing to stand tall.

Restaurant names are sometimes used tongue-in-cheek. Not here.

1 / 5 yums!
Where? 30 Lonsdale St, Braddon, ACT
What? Tapas dishes under $10

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