Monday, 22 June 2009


Take that exhausting pilgrimage to the mother of all chicken rolls. Be not distracted by Subway, so inferior as a substitute I should punish myself for mentioning its name in the same breath as this place. Head straight to Australia Square, past the donut of shops to find Denlens where an army of Koreans are at the ready to serve.

The name makes no insinuations to its awesome power. Same could be said about the frontage, butterflied charcoal chickens along with roast veggies fill the stainless steel trays and chopped salads in a cooled compartment.

Now to order that “jumbo” on your choice of freshly baked in house white or grain. Be dazzled by magic, from the fingers of your latex gloved server. Watch as a quarter charcoaled chicken is de-boned with a run of a hand along the poultry’s connective structure. Meat extracted is checked for stray bone and cartilage, mashed then wedged into the roll filled with lettuce and tomato, topped with gravy and optional chilli.

For those persistent and loyal followers who survive the lunchtime trip are duly rewarded with such a yummy offering. Denlens, eat fresh.

4.5 / 5 yums!
Where? Shop 422, Australia Square, George St, Sydney, NSW
What? $8.50 jumbo roll

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