Sunday, 29 March 2009

Cutler & Co

W: After news hit the streets the highly Yum-rated Three, One, Two would be closing, we, the eating public were left in hungry anticipation. What next? After months of waiting, we were delivered the result - Cutler and Co. A significantly larger venue nestled on Gertrude St. A fantastic layout with a design taking in the classic raw warehouse style of Fitzroy. A menu - where do I start with the menu?

One of our favorite things about Andrew McConnell is his ability to construct a masterpiece from two to three headline ingredients then throw in an extra curveball to make it fun. He didn't disappoint with his latest line-up - Snapper, prawns, oysters + wasabi. Leather jacket, prawns, chardonnay vinagrette + honey. Carefully thought-out matching wines also reminded us that this place does not forget the importance of perfecting the food and wine partnership.

Cutler and Co has few criticisms. Its significantly larger, open venue put it at risk of becoming a self-destructive mega-restaurant -- where size erodes quality. However attentive staff made sure every bite and every sip was made in a relaxed company and in pleasurable ambience. And while the suckling pig rates in the top five best pork dishes, it felt like a break away from the Cutler theme. Where was the quirky to go with the exquisitely delicious? Cutler's challenge will be to not submit populus slew of liberal use of suckling pig, foie gras and proscuitto watermelons.

We'll definately be back in the near future to see how Cutler & Co will mature. Our outlook remains positive.

4 / 5 yums


Where? 55 Gertrude St, Fitzroy, VIC



- Raw Snapper, Crystal Bay Prawns, Oysters Natural and Fresh Wasabi

- Wood grilled Qual, Foie Gras Parfait and Fresh Figs


- Suckling Pig, Confit Shallots, Caramelised Sherry Vinegar

- Grilled Leather Jacket, Salad of School Prawns, Chardonnay Vinagrette & Honey


- Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich, Vanilla Parfait & Salted Caramel

- Poached & Crisp Meringue with Lemon Curd, Yoghurt Sorbet & Fresh Raspberries


gjh98 said...

One of the most disappointing dining experiences ever.

We were left standing at the door for 10 minutes by three different floor staff. the third one said "I'll be with you in a minute" and then went over to air-kiss, hug and chat with an entire table of (presumably) her friends, before eventually returning to seat us.

Finally got seated (next to another table of staff friends - all very drunk and very loud).

Appetisers (greasy ) arrived at the same time as entrees. my wife's food was fine, though unremarkable and greatly overpriced. both my courses arrived cold. bread didn't arrive at all and had to be requested.

We asked to move to a different table to try to enjoy the end of our wine (the noise from next-door had become unbearable).

Minutes after getting home I became violently ill - presumably from the fish/shellfish in my main course.

The restaurant telephoned my wife the next day for "feedback" and despite having all of the above relayed to them, all they could say was "well, i hope you'll give us second try". No apology, no concern. My wife told them we definitely would not be giving them a second chance.

We love cumulus and were so disappointed by cutler.

Poor service, poor food, over-priced and massively pretentious. I'm sure it'll continue to do a roaring trade, packed to the rafters with people who are there simply to be seen.

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