Friday, 20 March 2009


One food snob (I’m not sure who, but somebody you might know) could very well have thumbed their nose at this popular café in the middle of Victoria’s spa sanctuary purely for tall poppy purposes. Koukla is that café, a wood fire pizzeria on the strip that runs through the spine of Daylesford.

Who could deny the charm of the place, it’s stripped back and worn, the unfinished torn blackboard menu bordering, antique drawers, plush, cosy Victorian styled two seaters, floor boards and table tops in dire need of a new coat of varnish. A place that doesn’t appear to have let the success go to its head and without ego. Staff members super friendly as they greet you and trying to accommodate you amidst the constant flow of customers. And you can why they come, the location helps but the coffee is quality, a smooth flavoursome brew, a good selection of tea, the apple and almond tea cake with a generous dollop of vanilla iced-cream moist, dense and fruity. The snobbery was undeserved, and with that said, Koukla is a great spot for a spot of arvo tea.

Where? 82 Vincent St, Daylesford, VIC

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