Wednesday, 11 March 2009

GPO Oyster Bar Sydney

Perhaps fitting that the “casual dining” is in the basement that’s a sideshow to the Senate Bar, Prime and practically everything else there. The freak mutated evil twin child that you’d keep locked away, hidden from curious eyes feeding it fish heads for sustenance.

Little wonder that oysters do not even feature in the sample menu on their website, for they were average at best. Ash blacked bacon bits lacking any other flavour than burnt piled on the poor oysters served up as “Kilpatrick”. Grilled fish of the day as take away with fries and salad a sure way let your face experience more youthful days going through face puberty. Pizzas save face, kept simple, somewhere inbetween traditional Italian and Dominos with their toppings, though quality just under par. Trying to pass off what Coles sells as leg ham as prosciutto unimpressive. With the oatmeal blandness of the interior design, I see no raisin (no typo) to waste energy to walk down those stairs.

1.5 / 5 yums!
Where? 1 Martin Place, Sydney, NSW

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