Thursday 9 August 2007

All People Chinese Restaurant

Me: They are as cold as the ice that come with your Fanta. They are like dry ice. No, wait! They’re colder than that. What's colder than dry ice?
Jimmy: I don't know.
Me: I'll tell you what is… the waitresses at All People Chinese Restaurant.

I didn’t know they had indoor ski centres in Burwood. I felt an avalanche every time they come with the food. The manager had life and character, though the waitresses seemingly had been put on mute and instead of placing the cutlery on the lazy susan for those they couldn’t reach, decided the placement throw (credit for the accuracy) was more appropriate. A profanity starting with B, my sister muttered is a harsh word because they probably had personality but needless to say their demeanour certainly alluded that they weren’t enjoying their occupation.

At the old Marigold site, the place is more popular than its predecessor, at full capacity on a Sunday night. Being no different to others, I reckon they’ve ripped open a packet, added water and PRESTO, one standard Chinese restaurant. If anything their point of differentiation is that the flavours are more restrained. Choosing one of the sets, the steamed oysters were overcooked leaving the meat slightly rubbery. Crab was done in the standard garlic and spring onion, fish similarly with its ginger, garlic, soy and sherry. Spicy salt squid could have been better, the batter a bit too thick and not spicy enough trouble the senses. The all natural garlic and corn flour stew of mixed seafood containing fish, scallops and prawn was pleasant and refreshing though. Lucky the food is served warm, otherwise you would have needed some North Face and Kathmandu gear.

2 / 5 yums!


Where? Shop 12, 2 Burwood Highway, Burwood East

What? Average Mains - $15, Sets from $70

Left to Right : Oysters, Mud Crab, Steamed Fish, Mixed seafood and vegetables, Spicy salt squid, Roast Pork

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