Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Kura Sake and Yakitori Bar

If you cut cheese in Kura, it wouldn’t take long to reach the nostrils of fellow patrons. Lucky you have the aromas of barbecued meat to cover up any voluntary or involuntary flatulence, though the crackling and sizzling won’t be loud enough to drown out the rectal trumpeting. You’d be caught out quicker than the dialogue in Gilmore Girls. It’s a cute, cozy stylishly modern Japanese bar where you can enjoy, by candlelight, some Asahi Super Dry on tap, a limited range of rice wine with grilled bird, cow or sea animal. Wishing the selection was as broad and interesting as Cammeray’s Toriciya, the house sake, served warm on the recommendation of the resident yakitori chef, is extremely clean and crisp without any aftertaste. Value in getting the Combo Set of five skewers, consisting of prawn, seared scallops, chicken thigh, chicken meatballs smothered in that sticky sake, mirin and soy mixture and the very un-Eastern yet intriguing mushroom and cheese wrapped in bacon. It’s simple and as good as yakitori gets. Arigato, ching ching and kanpai to Kura for offering something different to our fair city.


Where? 1 Malthouse Lane, Melbourne

What? Average skewer - $4, Combo Set - $14.50, Beers - $7, Sake - $7 by the glass

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