Friday 24 August 2007

Pamir Kabab House

Can you recall the feelings when you received your first Transformer or Barbie from Santa (later discovering it was actually your parents), or when you kicked your first goal or shot your first netball basket, or awarded a gold star for excellent work in art for an abstract piece which to this day trying to figure out what it all meant? Yes, we’ve had it before, that warm fuzzy feeling of joy, pride deep in your gut.

If you hadn’t felt that lately, not to fear. TLC is only a drive away at Pamir Kabab House. It’s soulful, rustic, traditional Afghanistan food, simple yet ridiculously flavoursome. There’s plenty to choose from, so as a first timer, chose the set course over the $30 course. Lucky we heeded the advice of the young chap taking our order, for we could have left the place with a figure of Fat Bastard’s.

Maantu, a patron’s favourite, are steamed dumplings of minced lamb, seasoned with mint, onion and coriander with a wickedly tangy sauce that’s blunted by yoghurt. It’s $2 peep show tease that you only get two, because you could seriously eat this as a meal. Long grains of basmati carefully cooked takes on the sweetness of carrot and sultanas, covering a layer of grilled spiced chicken that was a little dry. Perhaps influenced by its sub-continent neighbour, the meatball korma carries all the aromatic spices that produces a sweetly mild curry. Eat it while it’s hot are the manger’s choice skewers. Tender pieces of chicken and lamb marinated in onion and garlic with a little of this red pepper based sauce igniting small bonfires in the mouth, slowly grilled over charcoals. Best kebab I’ve had for a long time.

I feel part of the family, loved and taken care of. Leaving, rejuvenated with high hopes, maybe I’ll get that Donatello I always wanted.

3.5 / 5 yums!


Where? 161 Thomas St, Dandenong, VIC

What? Average Main $15, Set Course $25

Left to Right : Salad, Maantu, Naan, Chicken and Rice, Meatball Korma, Chicken and Lamb Skewers

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