Wednesday, 22 August 2007


Beach side cafes in Sydney are like pennies in Scrooge McDuck’s money vault, vast and many. I am extremely jealous that not many exist in Melbourne. Opening up the windows to let the zephyrs through on a warm sunny day with the ocean a stone’s throw away, feels more like a one finger salute that Sydney is better than the pleasure only a ray of sunshine brings. I’ll stop being a grumpy old man.

So Barzura, the extremely popular Coogee local already has a waiting line at 9:30 on a Sunday morning. Amazing people of Sydney get up this early, though there is great incentive dragging oneself to a café and location like this. All items reasonably priced too, adding further to the attraction. Big breaky of two eggs sunny side up with bacon on a slab of multigrain wholemeal deals with the growling stomach nicely. A bit more exotic is the corn fritter, more like a fluffy pancake imbedded with kernels, topped with freshly sliced roma tomatos, mashed avocado and rasher of bacon. A light and gorgeously tasty way to start the day.

I lied, sunshine isn’t the only thing that brings pleasure, Melbourne’s victory over Sydney FC in the A-League grand final was pretty sweet. Eating at Barzura… yeah it’s up there too.

3 / 5 yums!


Where? 62 Carr St, Coogee, NSW

What? Average Breaky $13

Left to Right : Bacon and Eggs on Toast, Corn Fritters

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