Saturday 25 August 2007

David and Camy Noodle Restaurant

Box Hill’s favourite super duo, David and Camy churn out Shanghai food that gives “cheap and nasty” the good name it deserves. Plenty of soups, noodles and rice dishes to choose from but most come for their prized dumplings. This is starting to sound a bit like Bob’s Kitchen, whose menu seems strangely similar and probably use the same printer.

Anyway, the 8 chicken and prawn dumplings don’t represent value compared to the 15 pork for the same price, but much are tastier. The bottoms pan fried to a Violet Crumble crunch whilst retaining the sweet juices inside. No lies about the ginger and shallot pork noodles, with plenty of that spice used to ensure its pungent taste is present. Cricket cream whites of the sliced glutinous sticky rice cake is a wet saucey stir fried dish with shreds of pork, carrot and choy sum. Nian Gao is one of my favourite Chinese dishes for it’s silicon bouncy, chewy texture.

David and Camy, using their powers for good instead of evil, bringing comfort food and saving your hip pocket too.

3 / 5 yums!


Where? 605 Station St, Box Hill, VIC

What? Average Main $7.50

Left to Right : Nian Gao, Ginger and Shallot Pork Noodles, Chicken and Prawn Dumplings

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