Monday 6 August 2007

Ripples Seafood & BBQ Restaurant

It’s interesting to see how things evolve and develop. Chameleons are naturally coloured to their surrounds to camouflage against predators. People find random back alleys to relieve themselves and return when required. Chinese restaurants, if faced with an influx of a predominantly Caucasian crowd, act accordingly. Ripples Restaurant in Malvern, treating the locals has done exactly this. Service was attentive, extremely polite and very chatty. No scrunched faces from the cart ladies when no selections were made or when enquiries were made a pumpkin shaped dessert.

Though the selection is limited, unfortunately it wasn’t a case of quality over quantity. The goldfish dumpling, resembling just that caught the eye like young females who wear short skirts on an 8 degree Saturday nights with its prawn meat encasing. Neglected shark fin dim sum’s wheat starch skin was a little dried out on top and soggy on the bottom which shouldn’t have been trolleyed out a second time. Expecting 1st degree burns to the epidermis of the mouth as the siu lung bao is devoured, it lacked the hot broth usually parcelled with the meat. Curious as one of the gentlemen strolled around offering Ripple’s famous roast duck and on mum’s recommendation, I ordered the 3 choices roast meat and fried rice. Yum. The duck’s gamey flavour is distinct and not drowned out from over spicing, the extremely thin but crisp pork belly is fantastic, as is the subtly sweet char siu. Sweet red bean paste was the mystery ingredient inside the pumpkin, with the sesame speckled chewy dough of jian dui also containing a generous amount of the same. Not causing any ripples through my Chinese restaurant world but this place is solid.

2.5 / 5 yums!


Where? 40-42 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern

What? Average dim sum - $4, Average rice/noodle dish - $10

Left to Right : jai (vegetables mainly mushroom variety), vegetable dumpling, goldfish dumpling, shark fin dim sum, siu lung bao, jian diu, red bean dessert, Three choice roast meat and fried rice

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