Wednesday 22 August 2007


RossoPomodoro. Say it 5 times fast in a dramatic Italian musical fashion. Pretty cool huh? It just rolls of the tongue so easily. RossoPomodoro. I love it.

Pizza Mario Republic introduced me to the traditional, authentic, rustic style flat bread. La Disfida disappointed, supposedly the best pizza in Sydney at the time, maybe its inflated ego affected the product. RossoPomodoro has taken me to pizza heaven. Pizze Bianche (no tomato base) Della Casa fires up the tastebuds with Italian mozzarella, sausages, hot salame, baby spinach and shaved parmesan on a thin, crispy yet moist, chewy, doughy base. Also without tomato is the Porcini e Proscuitto, Italian mozzarella, porcini mushrooms, strips of prosciutto spread atop that same beautiful flat bread. Pizze Rosse (tomato base) RossoPomodoro is a statement of simplicity, topped with cherry tomatoes and rocket. Amazing that so little can bring such happiness… excuse me… I need some Kleenexes.

The emotion is further heightened by desserts. The naughty but not as the paintings that are proudly on display, Calzone Alla Nutella is a must, a pizza with at least a half jar of chocolate hazelnut spread garnished with shaved almonds. Wickedly scrumptious and low GI so you feel less guilty. What may see you sentenced to fat camp is the trio of tiramisu, homemade with Italian mascarpone is light and creamy with hints of espresso, outsourced gelato and a silky cooked vanilla cream Panna Cotta with shaved curls of caramel on top.

Back to the paintings, which help with my conclusion. A fantastic pizza requires a pairing of a great base and the best produce around and RossoPomodoro excels. Yes, a great pair.

4 / 5 yums!


Where? Shop 90-91, 24 Buchanan, Balmain, NSW

What? Average Pizza $18, Average Dessert $10

Left to Right : Della Casa, RossoPomodoro, Boscailo, Porcini e Proscuitto, Calzone Alla Nutella, Trio of Tiramisu, Panna Cotta and Gelato

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