Thursday, 9 August 2007

Hanna’s Bakeshop

Typically suburban, Hanna’s Bakeshop and café clearly has the right marketing strategy, showcasing a few enticing items in the shopfront. Feeling a wee bit peckish and wanting something relatively healthy, I went for this pizza slice of fresh wedges of tomato with freshly cracked pepper, speckled fetta, the base spread with a tomato paste and rocket. Taken away in a paper bag, my window to weight gain became apparent when the fried base started to soak through. This needed to be eaten off a plate, not on the go, the wedges slid off as the slice was turned upright for consumption. Finished off with perhaps a little too much fruity olive oil, it was a mess to eat with juices running everywhere. My bad.


Where? 172 High Street, Ashburton

What? Tomato Slice - $4.40

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