Tuesday, 28 August 2007


An enchanting experience at the heart of Smith Street’s eclectic culture, it’s Korean in a fairy-ful forest that transcends the art of casual dining in Melbourne. Strong, bold dark wood tables take little of the mood lighting, the creamy lime of the walls evident when flash photography is used. The nature theme continues with stencils of flora and fauna framed by symmetrically Asian timber, a constant throughout the beautiful space that are as cute as your 3 month old cousin.

If the satin bound menus were meant to break any tension with humour, they serve their purpose. Trawl over the Advertisements (entrees), Forest Gump (vegetarian) or Titanic (soups) but it was the sizzling pots and plates that took the breath away, Top Gun style. The kimchi pancake would have made a reasonable wood fire pizza. Flavours Wimbledon streaker bold and Schwarzenegger strong, both the non-spicy versions of the beef bibimbab with its usual ingredients pre stir fried and the octopus and pork sizzling pot in a thick, sweet syrup. Plenty of onion, garlic and sugar, feeling a bit naked without PK to freshen the mouth odour. Desserts would have been a good closer, the chocolate dumplings worth a try but when you think you’ve seen Tinkerbelle sprinkling fairy dust, pushing that sugar high might not be a good idea.

2.5 / 5 yums!


Where? 189 Smith St, Fitzroy, VIC

What? Average Main $18

Left to Right : KimChi Pancake, Beef BiBimBab, Pork and Octopus Pot

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