Friday, 24 August 2007

Recorded Music Salon

Frustration, disappointment, anger. What kind of self proclaimed music room doesn’t stock “Mysterious Girl” by Peter Andre, one of the 90s greatest tracks? A gluttony of chilled, ambient, blues and bass vibrate the air but no sweet tones from the Greek Cypriot? Fine. It will do. I’ll take this up with management later.

Opening the modest aluminium door with it’s stylised logo that looks like it’s existed since the 70s, reveals a set of stairs that leads to the Recorded Music Salon Café. Immediate point of differentiation. It doesn’t carry the swagger of corporate and fashionista wank that is the top end of Collins St. Quite the opposite, it’s a haven of relaxed sophistication. Sunlight bounces off shiny off the naturally finished furnishings, varying lighting features separate the bar and dining areas, vinyl cushioned stools and chairs, it’s a casual oasis away from work.

Another point of differentiation. Doing what the Fab Five did for straight guys across America, take your normal sandwich. Replace the white bread with a flour dusted, crusty shelled French baguette, substitute ham for jamon and cheddar with a variety of gourmet cheeses, serve warm. Multiple visits will allow you to cover their wide range. If that ain’t zhoozhing, I don’t know what is. A daily special was Daffy pie, with a cute silhouette baked into the top. Whilst the top was crispy, the pastry containing the delightful minced duck, mushroom and perhaps hoisin or plum sweetened gravy was a little moist but forgiven largely because it wasn’t Four’N Twenty heavy or powdery.

Finishing off with a great flat white, Recorded Music Salon has shown it should have a career longer than one of our lads now living abroad. Satisfied, I forget I was angry about the music. I’m happy, it’s song time. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, Mysterious Girl…”

3 / 5 yums!


Where? 11 Collins St, Melbourne, VIC

What? Average $10

Left to Right : Duck Pie, French Baguette

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Louise said...

I'm heading to the Recorded Music Salon for a drink and a bite tonight. I hear that they now open at night and it's a good venue for a drink.

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