Wednesday 22 August 2007

Westpac Place Food Court

Have you got coin to spend for lunch? Do you like the open air? Do you want value? Guessing the answer will be “yes” to the questions above but you’ll have to compromise on the third if you want to eat at the Westpac Place food court. Least you will get a variety of salads, sandwiches, pasta and Asian in one convenient location. Littered with Westpac, KPMG and other locals from the area, it’s a stifling eating arena of suits and shirts, especially anytime the sun is out. Come for a salad from Fruition next to D’ough or fish and chips at Gallileo prices from Links Surf and Turf. Denlens, a chain charcoal chicken shop that does a roaring trade, offers a pretty mean chicken roll. At $8 a pop for a jumbo, you get meat of one breast, salad of lettuce, tomato and cucumber, topped with gravy stuffed in crusty white bread roll. Average value but for those diet conscious junkies, you know exactly what you’re getting.

Between you and me, if you’re willing to walk another 3-5 minutes up Kent St, there is a little place called Valencia, a corner shop milk bar that could probably claim to trundle out the cheapest lunches in town. Burger with the lot and chips for around about $6.50, that’s pretty fair value.


Where? 275 Kent St, Sydney, NSW

What? Food court prices

Left to Right : Salad from Fruition, Grilled fish and chips from Links Surf and Turf, Jumbo chicken roll from Denlens

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Geek Monkey said...

nice review....dont forget about BBQ King, if you're into chinese

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