Wednesday 22 August 2007

Condor Japanese

I chuckle every time the word Condor is mentioned. He was an all-round Gladiator, intense, possessing a slight psychotic streak and always fiercely competitive. Not sure why that’s amusing because this muscular specimen would destroy me if we set foot in a dark alley.

Condor Japanese restaurant shares a few traits with the celebrity and sports entertainment program. The food is intensely Japanese, competitive with its next door neighbour rival in “Goshu Ramen Tei” and has plastic outdoor settings in the open air dining area roofed by a building block above.

A sweet sugary soy, mirin and sake mixture of teriyaki bastes the chicken in the set which comes with rice, peeled oranges and salad boxed in three lacquered compartments. Dependable katsu curry is a winter heart warmer, a rich and starchy textured gravy sweetened with carrots and onion smoothers the golden fried pork cutlet. That same slab of meat is found in the Katsu-Ju, a sweet onion sauce ladled on top with cooked egg to finish. Braving the elements and potential small wait at lunch, it’s worth eating here again and again. Condor says so.

3.5 / 5 yums!


Where? 5 York Street, Sydney, NSW

What? Average Main $10

Left to Right : Teriyaki Set, Katsu Curry, Vegetable Ramen

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