Tuesday, 10 July 2007


Someone call 000… get an ambulance to this Lebanese dining room… think I’ve overdosed on lamb...

Bulging waistlines could be a problem if word got out about how good this place is. Beware devouring too much flat bread with the addictive lightly smoky baba ghannooj and hummus dips. There’s still the spring-roll-esque lamb and pine nut lady’s fingers, rice stuffed silverbeet, spicy lamb sausages, lemon fresh tabbouleh, subtle lemon and thyme chicken wings, “neverending” lamb kibby, “wow, no lamb” chicken and cumin spiced rice (my favourite, thinly sliced poached breast draped over a mound of gently spiced rice) and herbed lamb skewers. You could be forgiven for asking if there’s lamb in the rose Turkish Delight and mildly honeyed Baklava.

For great value, rustic, home style Lebanese, you’d be sheepish not to try Abla’s.

3.5 / 5 yums!


Where? 109 Elgin Street, Carlton

What? Banquet - $45

Left to Right : hummus and baba ghannooj, lady’s fingers, silverbeet, spicy sausages, long beans, lemon and thyme chicken wings, tabouleh, kibby, felafel, chicken rice, lamb skewers, Turkish Delight and baklava, Lebanese coffee

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