Thursday, 19 July 2007


Bring: one French dictionary or a French chef/foodie and a Neuraliser (Men In Black approved).

A French bistro with that classic feel, the white table clothes add class but dressed down by simple Bentwood chairs. The menu is one to navigate through, that’s why you need item numbers one or two, to hold your hand and explain whilst you ponder what for which course. What was ordered was a combination of kick the ball out safety first and threading the thru ball between three defenders risky. Zucchini flower fritters were a little oily, taking away from the freshness and sweetness of the vegetable. The squab, not de-boned, was perhaps the most annoying thing I’ve eaten with knife and fork. My ego got the better of me as I didn’t want to use my hands (we’re not in a Chinese restaurant having lobster or crab). Prising the meat from this under worked four week old pigeon was not worth the effort. Tender it was but that will teach me for being over ambitious with my selections. What was underneath tried to turn my frown upside down, the chicken liver wrapped in lettuce leaves, with that crumbly meaty texture was interesting with the pea and meat jus. What truly put a smile on my dial was dessert. The raspberry and chocolate Bombe Alaska, with that scorched meringue for visual effort is divine. Sweet but no overbearingly so, the chocolate ice-cream balanced by the slight tartness of the berry syrup and sugary shell. The assiette, an assortment of mini desserts is value, the deep chocolate brulee the finest of the five.

What’s the Neutraliser for? Use that flashy thing on me… now what did I have for entrée and main… and who are you?

2.5 / 5 yums!


Where? 527 Crown Street, Surry Hills

What? Average Entree - $15, Mains $30, Desserts $15

Left to Right : Fluer de Courgettes, Canard, Pigeonnau, Longe de Porc, Bombe Alaska, Assiette de Gourmandises

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