Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Palace Chinese Restaurant

I’ve stepped into many Chinese restaurants but nothing quite like the Palace, with vibrant colours decorating this place like a Zhang Yi Mou movie. No flying daggers or heroes here though, just quality, honest, choice yum cha. While you can go to Sky Phoenix up the road with its sterile corporate feel (though it has great standard dim sum), the choice here is more diverse. If you’ve been to yum cha, you know what siu maai and har gau (prawn dumpling) taste like. Here it’s good. For something completely different, try the long grain and firm textured black glutinous rice, sweet taro and mixed vegies wrapped in a bean curd sheet fried on both sides. It’s wholesome and a good choice to quell your hunger. Best yum cha outside of Chinatown.

3 / 5 yums!


Where? Piccadilly, Level 1, 133 Castlereagh St

What? Average $20 per person

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